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Hi there - publication name is Australian National Construction Review - run by Trade Media Group (one guy owns it). Pay rate I started on in 2009 was $40 for 300 words or multiples/fractions thereof for time-intensive advertorials (anything between two to five hours plus per advertorial, and a lot of phone calling to mobiles at writers expense). Pay rate has not changed since 2009. Invoice paid by posted snailmail cheque from one week to three after submitting a tax invoice via email.


UPDATE: “Broadsheet pay $30 for news pieces (of about 250 words) and $100 for features that can go up to 800 - 1000 words. They take one month to process invoices and are not always reliable in paying*.”


$100 for long features, $50 for medium-length pieces. 

$30 for a news (300-400 words) or profile piece (200-250 words)

$50 for features, around 500-600 words.

Invoices paid promptly*.